Tuesday, July 22, 2014

No time for creativity...

No time for creativity...

Saying goodbye to Soeur Martinez

Soeur's Bowman and Hal

 No time to right an email this week. sorry.

Fireworks were cool. Said has a baptismal date. I met our super cool ami Lucie. She lives forever away and we got stuck in a little town... but we are alive. It would've been a funny story. next time. 


We had our Zone Conference and President talked about faith and love. I love having faith. We had a testimony meeting after about the Elder Andersen conference. Everyone talked about miracles! I love miracles. I need people to send me more miracles. And by people, I mean anyone and everyone who is reading this. I like miracles.

We're in Bordeaux for the week because there is a big festival in Bayonne where people go crazy. Contacting all week!!! horrah!!! 

c'est tout. love you.

Sister Bowman

Monday, July 14, 2014

Beautiful Bayonne (sing this to the tune of 'Beautiful Zion') :)

Beautiful Bayonne (sing this to the tune of 'Beautiful Zion') :)

I forgot to write about the miracle that happened in our mission... 22 got baptized on July 5th!!! It was so cool. We're going to do it again on Sept 27th :) I love Miracles!!

Today is a special day. It's French Independence day. We get to stay out until midnight watching fire works and celebrating with members!!!! Hurray!! Then... best news of life... we get to SLEEP IN. I shouldn't be so excited about this, but it is seriously the best gift that anyone could ever give a missionary. This will be the second and final time in 18 months that I have been able to sleep as long as I like. Oh dear, I need to repent of how much I like sleeping.

We are going to watch fireworks tonight with the Watbled family. They are going to make us Burritos before!!!

So Bayonne is wonderful and the members are wonderful and its beautiful and I like it. The end. My companion has been here for 6 months and know everything, so I just follow her around like a little bleu. Its fun. I'm trying to remember everything she tells me.

The hardest thing here in Bayonne is contacting people on buses. Back in medival Carcassone, we didn't take buses. Not really in Chambery either. In Aix we just walked everywhere because we had no where to be and nothing to do but contact... En bref, for my whole mission, I've never been forced to overcome my fear of bus contacting. I don't understand why. I can stop almost any random stranger on the street and ask them if they want to talk about Jesus. No fear. No problem. It doesn't even feel awkward anymore. But once I step on a bus where everyone is just chilling, this strange fear comes over me. I don't know if you've noticed but when normal people get on buses, they strategically place themselves so that no one can sit by them. They always are listening to music or reading or intensely staring out the window and just looking 100 percent unfriendly. I don't understand. But we know that we are going to find someone in the bus because that is the thing that scares us the most and Heavenly Father wants us to do things that push us to be better. So pray for me to be able to talk to people on buses...

Also attention family: I need miracles. I need you to write me a couple of miracles that happened in your life. Brother-in-laws not excluded!! Brandi is a good example and already sent hers. Elder Andersen said that the best way to build you faith is to remember miracles in the past. So I need more faith. I need your miracles. Thank you that is all. 

Attention mother: Please finish and send me your conversion story. You are like 5 months late. People here are so amazed when I tell them that one of my parents is a convert... so I really need your story. it could help a lot of people, and me. homework for you.

This letter has been weird. sorry. I was just told that my group is going home a month early. boo! Semi-freaking out. Hope this letter makes sense. ( She will be home December 9th : )

love you all

Sister Bowman

Monday, July 7, 2014

on to BAYONNE!!!

on to BAYONNE!!!

This week was mostly spent teaching Said. He is so cool. He just reads the Book of Mormon in his spare time. He is doing Ramadan right now and is still doing his 5 Muslim prayers a day, but he also prays in the name of Christ and comes to church. Its like he's practicing two religions. I have never met someone who was so sincerely interested in receiving an answer to their prayers.

We had a rdv with him and the Famille Jacas.We showed how prophets have always testified about Christ and then we watched the Joseph Smith movie. I haven't had such a powerful rdv in a long time. It was mostly due to the Frere and Soeur Jacas. Right when Said came in they started testifying to him. Soeur Jacas will just burst into a normal conversation with a testimony about the Savior. They are such a power couple!! They love Said now.

We were walking home from a rdv with Said and the other Sisters and these big dark clouds just appeared. Said screamed and jumped under a little balcony, we did too and then this torrential (?) rain just started pouring on us. It was like we were in a shower, we weren't very covered and got soaking wet, then the hail started. It hurt. Said found a garage and we all ran to it. It was like the 'Day after tomorrow' movie. We waited in the little garage and watched as people ran for safety. IT was funny because we were just talking about Cyclone in maillot where Said is from... He said that nothing like that would ever happen here. Best part, we had just taught Said about how baptism makes us clean of all our sins. He said as the rain was coming down, 'The city of Carcassonne is getting baptized.' We laughed so hard! He's going to get baptized soon too :)

We also taught Soeur Martinez with the Jacas famille. Sister Martinez has had a lot of problems with people trying to break into her house and she was always scared. We wanted to help her feel better, so we talked about the scripture that says that the house of God needs to be a house of prayer, fasting, faith, order etc. We went through each of the qualities and discussed how we can make our home a house of God. The promise that is given (which applies to the temple, but also to us) is that we will go out of the house of God filled with power, the spirit will be with us and we'll have angels to bear us up. It was a very spur-of-the-moment lesson, but I really felt the spirit working through us to help Sister Martinez feel safe in her home.

Sister Martinez is my favorite member in Carcassonne. She is the craziest person that I have ever met with the most interesting life. I've been carrying with me the triple combination scriptures that I got from the MTC. I already had one, but it was so pretty that I couldn't leave it. I thought I could give it to someone. So we decided to give it to Soeur Martinez. We all wrote a note and then we gave it to her. She started to cry. She kept saying ''all three books in one.'' (BofM, D&C, Pearl of Great price). She was so happy to have the scriptures. Then I showed her the maps in the back and she about died of excitement. it made me more happy than anything!!

We also did service for Sandrine, one of our members neighbor... the one I prayed to find. We pulled weeds in the blistering heat and mowed her lawn and organized her garage. She is delightful!!

Life is good. I'm getting transferred to BAYONNE to be with Sister Hall from Provo. I love this ward. We got to help out in primary and it was so fun. We taught them about the Restoration.They didn't understand everything we were saying, but they were nice. The bishops daughter, Ann-may, just kept saying really nicely after a really long, awkward silence, 'can you repeat the question.' :)

I gave my goodbye testimony in sacrament meeting. I talked about how in my setting apart blessing President Corbridge said that I would see miracles in my mission. Elder Andersen said that biggest miracle in France is the members who stay true and faithful even though they are few in number and have to face a lot of persecution.

The biggest thing I learned in Carcassonne was how to live the Gospel. Really live it. Not just to believe it. These members are so strong. I know each of their stories (at least part of each of their stories); their lives are not easy, but they still keep moving forward. They are wonderful!!

on to BAYONNE!!!

Love you all,

Sister Bowman

Monday, June 30, 2014

I went to a castle today...

I went to a castle today...

In Nice -  Sisters Bowman and Bailey


So here is the news:

Said: He is one of our investigators. He is Muslim but he is trying to find out if Jesus Christ was really the son God. We asked him what it would change for him if he knew that. He said that it would mean that he would read the BofM everyday, pray everyday and come to our church every week. WOW. spot on friend!! He's really cool and his faith in Christ is growing. But he always gets stuck on the fact that the Koran says that God doesn't have any sons.... On Sunday, we had a rdv where we had to tell him that the Koran didn't contain all the truth. HE took it really hard. We basically told him: Don't take our word for it. Ask God if Christ is really His son. If he tells you yes, then that means that the Koran teaches things that aren't true. If God says no, then you can keep reading the Koran. So pray that Said gets an answer!

Aurelia Rista: Aurelia and her children: Daniel, Manuel, and Manuella are really great! We invited them to be baptized. Daniel is so ready. He know that Restoration, the Plan of salvation, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ so well. He understood it in the first rdv. But Aurelia didn't. I think she thought that we were apostolic missionaries. She told us tat she has already been baptized.

So on Sunday, we had a special rdv where sister Bailey took the kids off to the side and taught them and I taught Aurelia. I was a little scared to teach without my companion. So I got out the Bible, the Book of Mormon and a Restoration brochure and laid them out in front of her. For the next hour and a half, I tried to explain to this wonderful lady the good news that Christ has restored his Church to the earth. We teach them in this little field right in front of the castle. There is one picnic table just for us. It is a beautiful place. I guess Sunday was the day of offending people... I felt inspired to tell her that her first baptism was a wonderful experience that showed her faith in God, but that it was not in the true church of God. She was a little taken back. After a lot of testifying and explaining what I knew to be true, the spirit finally helped her to understand our point. Shes going to pray to see if this is the true church.

Both her and Said had similar responses. When we told them something that didn't coincide with what they had always believed, it hurt. All we could do was testify and ask them to ask God for themselves. We told them not to just believe us, but to get their answer from God. Isn't Heavenly Father great. He is willing to testify to each person, individually of truth. He doesn't expect us to rely on someone elses testimony.

We also went to Beziers to do my legality. I've almost been in France for a year. Well, en bref, it was a disaster and I didn't get to do it... I will go again later.

At district meeting, we talked about how we need to love God more and about how we need to personally purify ourselves. Sister Bailey and I have started a ''process of purification.'' Sounds weird, but we've just decided to give up certain things so that the spirit can be with us more. We need to be worthy if the spirit is going to testify through us to help our amis.

I had another exchange with Sister Mets. I love her.

P-day/ Best Day Ever!!!! We did a service project in the morning where we walked our dog for Sister Martinez. Shes 70 and has a giant dog that pulls her around all the time and makes her fall over. So we showed up this morning and told her that we were taking her dog. We walked with her for a while and then we cleaned her house.

Then we went to the castle!!!! I love that place. They had this cool French Historyish museum. The other sisters made fun of how obsessed I was. We met some Mormon people. They were nice.

I felt like I had to label this because this letter is long, and I want you all to at least hear this story. So we were sitting in this cathedral talking about how cool it was in there. We were studying the stain glass windows and I was feeling cool explaining what was in the windows. Then we sat down and started talking about how we can feel the spirit in cathedrals because people come here to be close to God. Sister Mets said that it was a holy place. Then all of a sudden the soft pretty nun song ended and one of the songs from ''Sister Act'' came on... no joke. the 'ooo mariaaaaaaa'' song that Whoopi Goldberg spices up in the movie was playing inside of the cathedral. I broke our purification thing by singing along and maybe dancing a little... (we gave up singin 'babylon songs' and dancing). we invited the spirit to come back after.

Anyway... we're getting transfer calls tomorrow for some reason. I really hope that I stay here. I just am starting to feel comfortable with the ward and a lot of really good things are happening here. In fact, a lot of good things are happening in the mission. We our baptizing so many people. France Lyon is a baptizing mission!!! It is so cool to see the change!!! Tell everyone! People get baptized in France!!

That is all. Sorry that was long. Love you

Sister Bowman

Just had to add for Kayla!From Sister Act   http://youtu.be/s3RPYiVtJzQ

Monday, June 23, 2014

Short and sweet

Short and sweet

On the train, on the floor in first class!

Sisters Bowman and Hiltunen in Aix

 Sister Bowman and  Sister Metatahti 

Basically I have been on vacation for a week and will be on vacation all this week...

Monday - Carcassonne - Visited some members. Couldn't go to the castle because we were afraid that Brit and Mike would be there...

Tuesday - Wednesday- Aix - Travel time: 4 hours
I went on an exchange with Sister Metatahti because Sister Ronndahl was sick. So I had to go to Aix!!!!!! So awesome. I did my exchange with Sister Hiltunen. She is Finnish too and just so happens to be Sister Mets best friend from her home ward. We got to see Jacqueline!!! She was so happy to see me. I needed that. She was on vacation, but she came home to see me. She should be baptized soon :)  I'm so glad that I got to see her!! We got to see a few other members that I love, and they remembered me. I was so shocked.

Thursday- Carcassonne - Travel time: 4 hours
Train back to Carcassone. Arrived in time to have a rdv with a new ami. He is Muslim. He told us what Muslims believe about Jesus Christ. We testified to him of the Atonement and how Christ can help us to feel clean from the bad decisions that we make. The spirit was so strong. He asked to meet us again to talk more about Christ. After I went home to pack for my exchange with the Sister Training Leaders. STLs arrived. There was a train strike (what French people do when they get bored) so we all had to stay the night in Carcassonne.

Friday- Montpellier - Travel time: 2 hours
We woke up at 5 to catch a bus and then a train to Montpellier. My exchange was with Sr; O Connor. She is from the Marquise Islands. She is so cool. I was like a zombie on our exchange. I was ready to be done for the day at 9 o clock in the morning when we arrived. I prayed and I knew that heavenly Father would get me through the day. He did. The exchange was amazing. She answered all of my questions with the scriptures and her Marquisian wisdom. She showed me a cool Tahitian dance too. Another strike made us have to stay in Montpellier for the night.

Saturday- Carcassonne - Travel time: 2 hours
I really hate trains and the heat. The two together are really not tres sympa. We spent Saturday recovering from all the rubbish traveling that we had to do. We cleaned our apartment and packed for our week long vacation... to be explained later.

Sunday - Nice - Travel time: 7 hours
Lovely day at church I learned a lot. Unfortunately, we showed up a little late because we had to meet our ami, Saiid, who came to all three hours of church. Then we had to leave early to catch a train to Nice. Basically we are the worst examples ever. On the train we got to talk to a lot of people. This one lady was asking us a ton of questions. She talked so loud that I think the entire car in the train knew who we were, why we were in France, why we believed in a prophet, and most shockingly, why we didn't drink wine. It was really cool that Heavenly Father prepared a way for us to share the gospel even though we were stuck on a train for the entire day.

Monday -
Nice!!!! we got to see lot of people that Sister Bailey loves. She was here for 6 months.  We are going to get gelatto later and see the ocean! We are in Nice to pick up her legality to make her legal for the next 6months. We had a James Bond moment while we were trying to get back our phone that we had forgotten in Montpellier. Long story. We felt very cool.

Miracle. We went to the prefecture to pick it up. Long story, lots of buses, lots of running, lots of really helpful French people giving us directions. Then we get there and this meanish lady tell us that we forgot a paper and we have to come back tomorrow. One problem, we are leaving tomorrow. So we sat down. Sister Bailey started calling people and she told me to say a prayer. I said ' heavenly father please help us to find someone who can bring us the paper or help the people to give us the card thing anyway. In the name of Jesus Christ amen.' No exactly the most inspiring:. So we snuck around the corner to the desk avoiding the lady. We went up to the window. We decided that we were going to pretend that we didn't speak french. Revelation. So the lady asked for the paper. Sister Bailey just looked at the lady all scared and kept repeating 'they told me to come today.' in a really bad french accent. The lady felt so bad for us that she gave us the card. We think an angel whispered to her... then  we hid the card and walked out of the building passing the mean lady and pretending like we were so disappointed and distraught. Mission accomplished.

This is long: Here's my itinerary for the week
Monday- Tuesday : nice
Wednesday: beziers for my legality
Thursday - Friday: perpignan district meeting + exchange.

so we are on vacation. it is the worst thing ever. i want to get back to work.

well this is really long, sorry. love you guys.

Sister Bowman

Monday, June 16, 2014

Elder Andersen!!!

Elder Andersen!!!

Sister Bowman at the Nice Conference

Hi family,

I wish I had like four hours to tell you about last week. Some of the most inspiring and most embarrassing things happened to us... but I'll share the inspiring part!

So Monday we jump on a train to Montpelier and then on a bus to Nice. There was a strict 'only talk to your companion rule' on the bus. The spirit was so strong on the bus as we all studied and prepared for the conference. Then we all practiced our musical number for the conference. The bus driver loved us. When we got to Nice we had to go straight to our rooms and they brought us Pizza to eat. They basically just told us to hang out in a hotel for like five hours... with pizza. :)

In the morning, we went into the lobby to see half of the missionaries in our mission. Our no talking to missionaries outside of our district rule was still in force... but Sister Mod and Sister Richardson stuck in a hug!  love them! and I saw Sister Russell too!! :)

Then we got to the conference center and practiced our musical number. I'll explain it later. Then Elder Andersen came in with his wife, President and Sister Roney, and Elder and Sister Kearon. Everyone stood with such reverence. There wasn't a sound. I am so thankful for all the preparation that President Roney had us do.

First we took a picture with the entire mission, then we prayed and sang and recited our motto and all. Sister Roney spoke first. She talked about the Saviors hands and how we are his hands. I remember that she said ' We shout clap our hands for joy every day we are on a mission.' I loved that and we've started to do it every morning ;) kinda weird but it always reminds us to be happy.

The President Roney spoke about how we need to act on the spiritual promptings that we received immediately. He got us pumped up to hear Elder Kearon and Elder Andersen.

Then Sister Kearon spoke. She talked about how we need to become true messengers of Jesus Christ. She said, 'you did not come on your mission to do your will, but God's will;' So true. Such a great reminder.

Then Elder Kearon, who is British, spoke. He had a cool accent and funny expressions. It made it that much better. He congratulated us for how much we had prepared and promised that we would be blessed for our preparation. He talked about what we need to do to have a deeper commitment to the gospel. He told us that today was not just a day of warm feelings but a day to act on the feelings that we receive from the spirit.

Then we sang our mission song. So here's how it went. This super talented Elder in our mission wrote this awesome rendition of our mission song. It started with the piano playing 'Bring Him Home' from Les Mis. Then a trio of violins joined in. Then all of a sudden, a quartet of missionaries was singing 'Be still my soul;' then Sister Buonanotte all of a sudden started singing the ''Gloria" part of angels we have heard on high. Then the director stands up and 274 missionaries start signing Angels We Have Heard on High. Oh my goodness. It was the most beautiful thing I have ever experienced. Everyone said there was angels singing with us... there sure were because we sounded so good!!!

Then Elder Andersen got up to speak. He is the coolest person. The first thing he said impressed me so much; I have no idea why. He started speaking in French. He told us our song was beautiful and then he told us that if anyone had to go to the bathroom, they could go. That they didn't need to feel weird about leaving. It just showed how normal he was and how humble. We all thought he was a rock star (still do) but he was just so humble and kind. Anyway... weird observation.  

He talked for a long time about lots of cool things. I couldn't sum up all the things that he taught us. He was being guided by the spirit during the entire conference. He knew that we had all come with questions. The main things that stood out to me were:

''No mission is any harder or easier than another. Its just different. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and thinking your in a hard mission.''

He said that in France especially, we have the opportunity to develop faith in the Savior that we wouldn't have if we were in a mission where we baptized people all the time.

He said that we can be baptizing more people here in France. He said that he was going to be straightforward with us. He said 'i can do this because I know that you are people of faith.''

The Paris temple is going up and is 15 percent done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He said that to generate faith, we need to think of the miracles that God had accomplished in the past. He told us to look at the good members in France. They are a miracle!!! 

He told us that our purpose was not only to baptize people but to build faith in Jesus Christ and to help people repent. He said that whenever we have an opportunity to strengthen someones faith in Christ, we should take it. Whenever someone tells us that they believe only a little, I love telling them that it is so great that they believe that God is there and that he loves them. You can see peoples faith growing in front of your eyes. :)

Sister Andersen then gave a little talk about faith and mostly just reviewed with us the things that Elder Andersen had said that impressed her. She shared miracles from when they were serving as mission presidents in France. 

Elder Andersen then took the microphone and starting walking around the room asking us to share our thoughts about faith... in french. So a couple of missionaries stood up and gave their thoughts. He such a normal, but very inspired man. He is so cool.

He gave us some special promises: 1. If you get up in the morning and plead for the Lord's help, you'll have miracles. You will be led to people. you'll know you are led by God.   2. If you are diligent and faithful, you'll have enough spiritual experiences to confirm to you that this is the Lord's work.  

Before he gave these promises he was silent for a long time. I know these promises came straight from Heavenly Father!!! 

His testimony at the end was the best part. He said something like ' I confirm to you that Jesus is the Christ. When we see Christ after this life, we will say, I already knew. I already knew that he was real and that he was my savior.' Then he promised that we would have miracles that are especially for us.

I love Elder Andersen!! That conference was wonderful. I learn more and more every time I talk about it with someone. Horrah for life changing experiences!!

Sorry the funny parts, although hilarious, seem a little inappropriate for this letter. They'll have to wait 6 months.
The gospel is so incredibly true. I love my ward. I love my companion. I love being a missionary.

Love Sister Bowman

Monday, June 9, 2014

This is what you get for not writing me until Sunday night

This is what you get for not writing me 

until Sunday night


Sister Bailey
Sister Roenndahl

What Sister Bowman looked like in last weeks story, 
just imagine in a skirt!

So we are emailing on Saturday because on Monday we are taking a bus to Nice. Since no one has written me yet... I've found myself with a lot of time to write you. So I'm gonna tell you some stories.

We had the coolest Miracles this week. Background: about three months ago we went with Donka Dobrevi to the CAF; Its a government place where you go to get help. We went to help translate for her... well I was just there to allow Sister Buonanotte to be there to translate for her :)

Anyway... the lady who helped us was like the kindest, most patient person ever. We were throwing all sorts of languages at her. Sister Buonanotte would have me confirm, in English, what the CAF lady said to her in French, to make sure that we understood the same thing. Then she would translate it for Donka in half Spanish half Italian. Then Donka would respond and we'd have to go through the language train again to communicate. This CAF lady was so kind. I could tell that she genuinely loved helping people.

I wanted to share to share the gospel with her SO bad. But it wasn't really the moment in the middle of the Tour-of-Babel-confounded-language scene that we were making. So I prayed real hard that we would meet her again under different circumstances.

Fast forward three months. I ask one of our really awesome members, Frere Vanaquer, if he has any friends that we can teach. He did. That never happens! I ask him to set up a Family Home Evening with them and us. He did. That never happens. So we go over to his next door neighbors house and have the greatest soirée familiale with an adorable family; Serious the most beautiful FRENCH family that I have ever seen. We teach the Plan of Salvation. The mom, Sandrine, loves it. She even helps us teach it to her children, Clemence and Aurelie. It was so perfect.

We were in the car driving home and I prayed so hard that Heavenly Father would help us to know what to say to her. Then it hit me. A little revelation... a memory all of a sudden returned to my mind of a really nice lady who worked at the CAF. And yes, it was Sandrine! I had totally forgotten about that prayer. Heavenly Father not only answered my prayer but He reminded me about it to convince me that He is aware of me. SO COOL!

But wait! The next day, we were on a miracle high. We were on a train to go and visit a member that live pretty far away. The member texted us and told us that she'd be a little late picking us up. We decided that we would go contacting when we got there. Sister Bailey said ''Lets go find another miracle.''

pause. Background. My companion sister Bailey is crazy when she sees a puppy. It doesn't matter who is holding it or how far away it is. She has no boundaries when it comes to puppies. start: So on the train I was teasing her about her puppy obsession. She told me that if she told Heavenly Father that she wouldn't contact anyone who didn't have a puppy, then all of a sudden there would be a lot more puppies in Carcassonne... I'm not sure if she was joking or not.

We got off the train. Had 15 minutes. Decided to contact because my comp is cool and is always making use of all our extra time. So we knock a couple doors, nothing; Then we see a cute family with a baby, no puppy. But close enough. We start talking with them. They are not very interested. Then, this girl with the most adorable puppy walks by. The puppy for some reason crawls into the stroller with the baby and then Sister Bailey gets to pet it. Then it leaves. We took it as a sign that Heavenly Father wanted us to talk to these people. We keep talking. They invited us to come over to their house later to teach them more. We walk around the corner and silently freak out. Me about the miracle family. Sister Bailey about the puppy... and the family. Heavenly Father is too nice to us.

So we told that story to a couple of members. One who is kind of a tough cookie. Well we told it so well that he loves us now. Call me vain, but we rock at telling miracles to people. They were on the edge of their seats. I'll repent of being prideful.

Last thing. We had a Zone Training to prepare us for Tuesday when ELDER ANDERSEN is coming. Our mission president has been preparing us for like a month. He told us that if we prepare well this one day will change our lives and be important to us for the rest of our lives. They told us some of the things that we are going to do during the 3 hour conference. They told us the story of the two disciples on the road to Emmaus who didn't recognize that they were walking with and talking to the Savior. President said it would be sad if we didn't recognize who was coming! Stay tuned for the report. Its going to be SO amazing!

We have a lot of funny rules. Especially for our wardrobe. They made me stand up in front of the whole zone because apparently my outfit was plain, and boring enough to be the example for all the other sisters. No form fitting skirts. No flashy colors. We're going to look really... amish. That's OK.

ce will change our lives and our mission. Elder Andersen had two days off in his busy schedule to rest, but he decided to come and bless our mission. I am so excited. I studied this morning about the role of an apostle. One of the roles is to be a witness of the Resurrection of Christ. I feel so honored/privileged/awesome to meet one of the Savior's special witnesses. I may be a little obsessed with Elder Andersen now. ça va! We all are.

Well talk to you later.

Love you,
Sister Bowman